Hi It’s ME, Ce.

I'm a “Madrileña” girl that moved to NYC in 2013, to pursue my photography career. 

Since then I’ve worked as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. I left the fashion/design Industry to focus on Weddings, why?...Mmm... I love to be happy while working, I truly think that it is possible to live the life you want, so why wake up everyday with headache if you can wake up smiling?!

But how this will affect you?… Well, I don't want to direct your wedding day, I want you to be there, living it! I just want to be a witness of what is happening, and with my camera create the memories that will last you forever.
I want you to enjoy your big day! I want you to remember it as one of the most beautiful days on your life, not as one of the most stressful one. Although you’ll probably won’t remember the little details, (trust me on this one) so that’s why I’ll be there!

While I’m working you can find me helping you with everything you may need, holding your hands when you can not control your tears, taking care of your mom’s purse, so she can be stunning on your picture, or sewing your dress because you were so nervous to eat the week before the wedding! (Yes, this was actually a real situation) I like to think I am a 4x4 photographer.


"One of the clearest memories I have from my childhood in my Mom with a camera on her hands, I remember her setting up the camera and giving it to my Dad, so she can have a nice pic with us. 
I love spending time looking at those pictures, that's probably the main reason why I love to build someone's else memories"

-Celeste H.



I love little stores with cute things (usually useless) , people that smile on subway, and get lost with a caravan in any corner of the world. 


My son, messiness, walk.



Loyal, smart & moody


Crazy, natural & loud



Celeste obtained her Photography Bachelor’s Degree and her Graphic Design Master’s Degree in Madrid, Spain.
She has worked for big, fashion names such as Esquire and Harper's Bazaar Magazines..
Since 2016, Celeste has been focusing more on creative wedding photography.
She is passionate about capturing all the small, magical details of the couple’s most special day.


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