feel it.


This is it, all those months, days, hours, minutes of planning, finally getting into the end, the Big Day is finally here! So why you should be worried about any single, tinny detail that may be left behind? It’s time to enjoy your day, to look at the eyes of your partner and think:
“Holly Moly I’m getting married!”

And guess what, I can promise you that, if you look at your partner and picture your future together, there is no way anything would ruin that moment, so simile at your loved ones, play with your partner in life, like the way you do when no one is watching, and enjoy, enjoy every second of this day, and all the others that will come!

And hey!. I’ll be there far enough getting all those little moments that may get lost on the craziness of your day, close enough when you need me, but overall right next to you, making sure everything is going all right and you’re having the best day ever - Oh, of course getting the most badass wedding pictures you can think of.