I’m a real girl,
photographing real couples,
in one of the most important days of their life.

My style clean, natural and over everything non-intrusive will allow you to have those intimate moments you usually have with your boo on a Sunday evening captured forever. I’ll make sure I get the best from you making you feel comfortable, relax, and let me tell you, pretty awesome.
I truly believe that the most valuable thing we have is our time. Having the opportunity to capture those seconds so you can re-live them over and over is what I’m passionate about.

It’s not only about the big moments, but all the little ones in between.
And that my friend, it’s my expertise.



“I Love Smiles, Cheetos, Singing On My Car.”

-When no one is listening of course.-

Celeste is a photographer with over eight years of experience. In the last few years, she's been focusing on creative Wedding and Elopement Photography.

Originally from Spain, she Misses Her "Mediterranean Sun" what it makes her love open spaces and natural light as a base of her work.